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Dr. Natan Katzman combines credentials and experience in audience and social research, TV production, ancillary product sales, and broadcast management. After receiving his Ph.D. from Stanford, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, he was an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University for three years. He then founded Research & Programming Services Corporation, which specialized in audience and TV programming research.

From 1978 to 1990 he was a senior manager of KQED TV in San Francisco. He was first Director of Broadcasting and then Vice President and TV Station Manager. Under his supervision, KQED won numerous awards for television excellence including dozens of Emmys, three Peabody awards, the Polk award, the DuPont/Columbia award, and many others.

Based in San Francisco, Natan Katzman is CEO of A La Carte Communications, which he and Geoffrey Drummond founded in 1990.  He has been Director, Producer or Executive Producer of over 500 hours of TV programs listed in the Productions section of this website, winning numerous awards - including an Emmys for the documentary San Francisco 'Quake and the Baking With Julia series and a Telly Award for Martin Yan's Chinatowns.  He has produced internationally in China, Canada, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, U.K., and Australia.

His consultancies have included the San Francisco Police Department, The RAND Corporation, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS, Children's Television Workshop, and The Government of Thailand.

Among his published works are: Communication Flow And Social Entropy,  EKISTICS, 172, 212-219 (1970);  Television soap operas:  What's been going on anyway? The Public Opinion Quarterly, 36, 200-212 (1972);  The Impact Of Communication Technology, EKISTICS, 225, 125-130 (1974);  The Impact Of Communication Technology; Promises And Prospects,  Journal of Communication, 24:4, 47-58 (1974); The Mathematics Of Membership,  Public Telecommunications Review, 2:4,, 38-46; and Chapter III (TV content in the U.S.), Chapter IV (audience phenomena) and Chapter V (living with TV in the home).  In G. Comstock, et al., Television and Human Behavior.  New York, Columbia University Press (1978).

In recent years, he has produced a number of pro bono videos for non-profit organizations.  These include The Grameen Foundation, The Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee, The SATIB Conservation Trust, and The Rhone Rangers.

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