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601 Half-Hour Chicken Dinners
Lidia shows viewers how to prepare delicious chicken dinners in a flash.
* Chicken Scallopine with Mushrooms and Marsala Wine
* Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes
* Egg-Battered Chicken Scallopine with Lemon Sauce
* Seared Sage-Marinated Breast of Chicken

602 Gnocchi Fest
Learn the basics and beyond for preparing this alternative to pasta. Lidia is joined in the kitchen by her grandchildren.
* Potato Gnocchi
* "Drooling" Gnocchi
* Gnocchi with Pesto, Potatoes and String Beans

603 A Sicilian Menu
Lidia visits the cuisine of the island of Sicily with her friend Fortunato Nicotra.
* Caponata
* Spaghetti with Capers and Anchovies
* Swordfish Skewers Glazed with Sweet and Sour Sauce

604 A Winter Dinner
In the kitchen with Joe, Erminia and Giovanni, Lidia creates a cozy menu for a winter's night in the kitchen.
* Lentil and Broccoli Soup
* Rustic-Cut Roasted Lamb Shoulder

605 A Pasta Chronology
Lidia leads us through three unique pasta preparations.
* Baked Stuffed Shells
* Garden Style Whole-Wheat Pasta
* Capellini Cooked in Red Mullet Stew

606 A Lesson in Risotto
Learn how to prepare this classic Italian dish with Lidia's expert guidance.
* Plain Risotto
* Chicken and Mushroom Risotto
* Shrimp and Leek Risotto

607 Cooking with Bread
Lidia shows us how to insert bread into delicious recipes.
* Potato, Swiss Chard and Bread Soup
* Broccoli di Rabe with Day-Old Bread
* Mazza Murru

608 Give it a Fry
It's easier than you think to fry food at home, and Lidia shows us how.
* Deluxe 'Tricolore Salad'
* Mixed Fried Seafood
* Marinara Sauce, Spicy Version

609 Ribs, Italian-American Style
Lidia shows us her Italian twist on an American favorite.
* Spare Ribs Roasted with Vinegar and Red Pepper
* Braised Kale with Bacon
* Roasted Root Vegetables
* Guest: Joe Bastianich

610 Pasta Time
Get creative with these three new pasta recipes.
* Buccatini with Chanterelles, Spring Peas and Prosciutto
* Mostaccioli with Fresh Basil and Mozzarella
* Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Garlic and Parsley

611 Bolognese, Two Ways
With her son, Joe, in the kitchen, Lidia shows us two ways to prepare a classic dish.
* Fresh Egg Pasta/Pappardelle
* Meat Sauce Bolognese
* Fazzoletti

612 Sunday Chicken Dinner
Lidia offers two dishes that add up to a delicious Sunday dinner.
* Shells with Fennel and Shrimp
* Chicken Bites with Potato, Sausages and Vinegar

613 Light and Quick
When there's no time to cook, try these quick options from Lidia.
* Fried Banana Peppers
* Shrimp in a Chunky Marinara Sauce, over Linguine over homemade 'Fregola'
* Chick Pea and Tuna Salad

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