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For Lidia Bastianich, family and kitchen are the heart and soul of the Italian-American experience. Now entering her seventh season on public television with an all-new series, Lidia presents traditional dishes with origins in authentic regional fare that suit the American palate and pantry. In "Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen," produced by A La Carte, Lidia Bastianich draws on favorite recipes from her first restaurant, Buonavia, in Queens, NY, and cooks, as only Lidia can, the classic Italian-American dishes we all grew up with. With her modern Italian-Mediterranean sensibility, she creates the mouth-watering, inspiring and memorable contemporary classics we have come to expect from her kitchen.

Showcasing festive and delicious cuisine, each episode features easy-to-follow recipes presented by Lidia - a mother, grandmother, home cook extraordinaire and professional master chef - who cares about making good food a part of everyday life. The series will continue to build on what Lidia's audiences absolutely love in larger and larger numbers: authentic cooking taught by someone who genuinely cares, and whom they care about. These are dishes that make viewers hungry just watching the show, dishes that they can follow, cook and serve for themselves at home. Over the years, Lidia's charm, warmth and inviting personality have made her a favorite among public television audiences. For more about Lidia you can also go to her website,